Optasy Offers Free Webinar on Drupal's Power for Government Site Accessibility

Optasy Webinar Teaser Image

Optasy invites participants to watch its free webinar titled "Explore Drupal’s Power for Government Site Accessibility." This informative session delves into the capabilities of Drupal as a robust platform for creating accessible government websites.

Tailored for individuals involved in managing or developing public sector websites, from IT professionals to government officials, the webinar aims to provide insights into implementing accessibility standards effectively. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of how Drupal can meet the demanding accessibility needs of government entities, ensuring equal access to information and services for all citizens.

The webinar features expert-led presentations by Scott Carpenter, a PHP/Drupal Developer, and Nazanin Ghasemi, a Marketing Expert. Topics covered include an overview of Drupal as a preferred CMS for the public sector, successful government websites powered by Drupal, practical steps to enhance website accessibility, and more.

Registrants will have access to the webinar content at their convenience. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how Drupal can transform public sector accessibility. 

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