Drupal Association Hires Fran Garcia-Linares

Drupal Association has announced the onboarding of Fran Garcia-Linares. Fran has assumed the role of Senior Drupal Developer since the beginning of this Month. Fran’s Drupal profile shows that he has earlier worked for companies like IE Digital and Amazee Labs

Fran Garcia-Linares
Fran Garcia-Linares

According to Drupal Association, Fran’s hiring is part of the Association’s effort to become more global in hiring. Fran currently lives in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz, Spain.

 Fran has worked on a number of important projects, including:

  • The GitLab issue migration
  • The redesign of the Contribution records system
  • The JSON API endpoint for Project Browser and,
  • The re-launch of api.drupal.org with Drupal 10.

He has also been an active presence in the Drupal community. Apart from organizing many events, he has also led the sessions on many occasions. 

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