Regular Ticket Pricing for MidCamp 2023 Extended to April 21

Benjamin Sharpe, Unsplash

MidCamp, the annual Drupal conference, has announced that they have extended their regular ticket pricing for MidCamp 2023. The conference, which will take place in Chicago from April 26 to 28, offers attendees the chance to learn, network, and share their experiences with other Drupal enthusiasts.

Regular tickets, available through the conference website, offer attendees access to all conference sessions, including keynote speeches, panels, and workshops. The extended pricing for regular tickets will remain in effect until the end of the month.

MidCamp is known for its strong sense of community, and attendees will have the opportunity to connect with other Drupal users and experts worldwide. The conference will also feature various social events, including a Wednesday evening baseball game at Wrigley Field.

In addition to regular tickets, MidCamp is also offering sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations. Sponsors can choose from various packages, including Core Sponsor, Supporting Sponsor, and Community Sponsor.

To purchase regular tickets or learn more about sponsorship opportunities, visit the MidCamp website. With the extended pricing for regular tickets, now is the perfect time to secure your spot at this year's MidCamp conference.

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