Pantheon Announces New WebOps Access Features

18 May, 2023

Pantheon has introduced a new direct purchase path that allows web teams to access valuable WebOps features with ease. Pantheon is a fast and reliable WebOps platform for Drupal with over. It is one of the most secure platforms for testing, developing, and hosting websites. The platform's automation features, WebOps tools, and technical support are now available for self-service purchase through This enables digital teams to quickly try and buy the capabilities that drive the success of agile and productive website teams.

The features available through Pantheon Gold account plans include Autopilot, which automates updates for WordPress and Drupal CMS to keep sites secure and up to date, Custom Upstreams for managing site portfolios at scale, and Multidev for seamless collaboration on projects. Pantheon Gold users also have access to technical assistance for setup, deployments, and optimization.

Pantheon has also introduced several enhancements to the platform, including the support for Drupal 10 that allows users to create new Drupal 10 sites from the Pantheon dashboard. Also, WordPress Multisite can now be created directly from the Pantheon Dashboard. Additionally, enhanced user role and permissions insights simplify audits and compliance reporting processes.

Pantheon aims to provide a frictionless customer experience, empowering WebOps teams to make purchases independently and enabling them to generate exceptional website experiences, boost team productivity, and achieve desired results. Click here to know more about the latest WebOps features and plans from Pantheon.

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