Pantheon is a fast and reliable WebOps platform for Drupal with over 300,000 in the cloud and service more than 10 billion page views a month. It is one of the most secure platforms for testing, developing, and hosting websites. Pantheon helps marketers easily publish content, release new features, improve site performance, improve productivity and protect digital assets.

Pantheon offers products and services like Serverless CMS, high-performance hosting, professional developer tools, automated workflows, dependable website security, website portfolio management, Multizone Failover, site migration, customer support, and more. Their client list includes Yale, DocuSign, Coach, Google, MGM, United Nations, IBM, and AdRoll.

Pantheon offers training in Drupal through workshops, webinars, and videos. They have been an active Drupal project contributor through valuable code contributions issue fixes. Pantheon organizes community events and sponsors over a dozen Drupal Camps every year. They also provide free hosting for a wide variety of open-source projects.

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Enhancing your website performance helps you provide better user experience and get higher customer satisfaction. Here are 10 must have modules that will help you enhance your website performance.
12 July 2022
Drupal Camp Ashville
Check out the sessions for the 2nd Day at Drupal Camp Asheville.
07 July 2022
Check out the schedule for the first day at Drupal Camp Asheville.
07 July 2022
App-like Web Capabilities for Your, Coupled, Decoupled, or Hybrid Drupal Project
In this session they will compare which web capabilities can be used for decoupled vs coupled and explore options for a "hybrid" approach.
04 July 2022
This live, three-hour workshop, will take you from understanding what Drupal is, why Drupal 9 matters, to creating basic content, users, and an overview of more complex Drupal features.
01 July 2022
The Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, WordPress Diversity, and the Pantheon Pridetheon Impact ERG are hosting an 'Out in Open Source!' event this pride month.
21 June 2022
Drupal State and the need for a JavaScript SDK
Brian Perry, Senior Software Engineer Pantheon, gave a session on ‘Drupal State and the Need for a JavaScript SDK’ at DrupalCon Portland.
10 June 2022
Bloomfield College campus in Connecticut, USA
Pantheon's toolset and support enables sole team member to easily develop and manage critical college website.
07 June 2022
Illustration of a man fishing with a rod while rowing a rubber dingy boat.
"What are some lesser known Drupal contributed modules that are super useful," asked Gábor Hojtsy on Twitter. We list some of the answers found on his thread that created an interest among Drupalists.
18 April 2022

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