Pantheon Powers Franklin College’s Digital Transformation

RecollectCMS Is Used to Manage Archives

Pantheon has published a case study that focuses on Franklin College of Arts & Sciences at The University of Georgia. The college embarked on a project to digitize its archives and make them accessible online. Prior to the project, the college faced challenges with the physical preservation and accessibility of its historical documents, photos, and artifacts. The college partnered with Pantheon web development platform, to create a digital repository and website.

Franklin College solved its branding and technical challenges by consolidating the digital collections on Recollect CMS and developing a standardized theme for all its research groups and units.

By leveraging Pantheon's platform, Franklin College successfully digitized its archives, making them easily searchable and accessible to students, faculty, and the public. The platform offered features like version control, content management system integration, and scalability to handle high traffic volumes. The project also involved creating a user-friendly interface with advanced search capabilities and interactive elements.

The digital repository empowered the college to preserve its historical treasures, enhance research capabilities, and engage with a wider audience. It facilitated collaboration between departments and provided a centralized platform for archiving and curating content. The case study highlights the positive impact of digitization on Franklin College's archival collection and its ability to share its history with the world. Click here to know more about the project.

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