DrupalCon 2023 Highlights the Appeal of Drupal for Government Websites

26 May, 2023

Drupal, the powerful open-source content management system, continues to establish its strong appeal among federal, state, and local government sites. PrometSource, a leading technology firm, explores the reasons behind Drupal's popularity in the public sector and shares their top picks for sessions at the upcoming DrupalCon 2023 event in Pittsburgh.

PrometSource, represented by a dedicated team of "Promethians," eagerly anticipates this year's DrupalCon in Pittsburgh. In preparation for the event, they have curated a selection of sessions that will be of particular interest to government attendees and vendors serving the public sector.

One of their top picks is "The Big Impact of Open Source," which challenges the notion that proprietary solutions are the only way to protect an organization's competitive edge. PrometSource firmly believes that open-source software, such as Drupal, offers enhanced security and inherent innovation, making it the ideal choice for public-sector websites

Another session of interest is "Beyond WCAG Compliance: Next Steps in your Website's Commitment to Digital Inclusion." Recognizing that government websites have a legal obligation to meet accessibility standards, PrometSource emphasizes their deep commitment to accessibility and inclusion in this evolving landscape.

PrometSource is also intrigued by "How Drupal Powers the Global UN Refugee Agency Fundraising Platform." This session sheds light on Drupal's impactful contributions worldwide, demonstrating how it serves as a powerful tool for government websites dedicated to making a positive difference in society, particularly in high-stakes situations.

The Government Summit is another significant highlight, offering a diverse selection of sessions that cover digitizing forms, multilingual implementation, best practices for Drupal developers in the government sector, web accessibility updates, and more. These sessions provide valuable insights into effective approaches for government digital initiatives.

"Building a Robust Community of Content Managers" is an eagerly anticipated presentation by Scott Horvath, Technical Information Specialist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Horvath's expertise in leveraging Jira, Confluence, and Teams to establish a repeatable process for content manager onboarding, training, certification, support, and documentation offers valuable lessons in transforming content management practices.

Additionally, the session "Transforming Outreach and Connectedness Among Martin County, Florida's 1,100 Employees" highlights the significance of internal audiences within public-sector websites. Martin County's creation of a robust intranet within their Drupal CMS has led to increased efficiency, improved access to documents, and enhanced peace of mind for employees.

DrupalCon 2023 promises to be a dynamic event, showcasing Drupal's strength and relevance in the government sector. With its thriving community, commitment to open-source principles, and transformative capabilities, Drupal continues to be the platform of choice for innovative government websites around the world.

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