1xINTERNET Showcases Frontend Editing Module for Drupal

1xINTERNET showcases Front-end Editing Module for Drupal

Baddy Sonja Breidert, CEO and Co-Founder of 1xINTERNET, recently introduced a video on LinkedIn showcasing a Drupal module they designed to streamline the editor experience. This module, Frontend Editing, allows users to edit content directly on the front end of their websites, a shift from traditional backend methods.

The module, now into version 1.7.0, released on 18 April 2024, enables real-time editing, offering immediate visual feedback and allowing editors to adjust layouts, formats, and styles directly through the frontend interface. Additionally, it integrates frontend links to entity editing forms, significantly boosting efficiency by loading these forms as iframes within a sidebar.

Unlike other modules that rely on Drupal core features such as the Settings Tray, Contextual Links, or Quick Edit, the Frontend Editing module is developed as a lightweight integration, ensuring it does not bog down site performance. For optimal functionality, it requires twig templates for the entities it edits to include the `{{ content.frontend_editing }}` render element. However, if templates already use `{{ content }}`, no changes are needed.

Following the post, the Frontend Editing module has sparked an engaging discussion on LinkedIn among industry professionals. Jesus Manuel Olivas, Co-Founder and CEO at Octahedroid, commented on the similarity of this initiative to his team’s work on a feature for decoupled implementations, indicating a growing trend towards more dynamic content management systems. 

"This looks interesting; we are working on a similar feature for Decoupled implementations," 

Jesus shared, linking to a video demonstrating their Drupal Composable Visual Editor.

Baddy responded positively to Olivas, expressing interest in exchanging ideas and experiences, particularly regarding user feedback. "Very interesting. I see you also use Paragraphs like we do. How is the feedback from your editors?" she asked, suggesting a further discussion on Drupal Slack to deepen their collaboration.

Lukas Fischer, Founder and Digital Innovation Leader at NETNODE, also joined the conversation by asking if the new module supports decoupled environments. He shared his experience with a similar tool, "Drupal/NodeHive—Seamless headless editing with fully integrated visual editor," which is also available as an open-source project. Baddy clarified that her module is not for decoupled setups but remains an enhancement for the standard Drupal editor experience.

A demo video of the module is linked to the LinkedIn post by Baddy. Find it here. The module can also be tested in the Try Drupal demo.

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