Drupal 8 Development Cookbook: Second Edition out


The second edition of the Drupal 8 Development Cookbook is available for readers. The book, authored by Matt Glaman, was first published in September 2017. The book is a go-to guide for experimenting with all the features of Drupal 8. Packt is publishing it.

Over 60 hands-on recipes in the book acquaint the readers with Drupal 8's features and help to harness its power. The topics covered in the book include:

  • Up and Running with Drupal 8
  • The Content Authoring Experience
  • Displaying Content through Views
  • Extending Drupal
  • Frontend for the Win
  • Creating Forms with the Form API
  • Plug and Play with Plugins
  • Multilingual and Internationalization
  • Configuration Management – Deploying in Drupal 8
  • The Entity API
  • Off the Drupalicon Island
  • Web Services
  • The Drupal CLI 

Click here to learn more and download the copies.

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