5 Reasons Why Drupal Remains a Top Choice as a CMS

05 June, 2023

Kellton, a leading technology company, recently shared a blog post titled "5 Reasons Why Drupal Remains a top choice as a CMS" by Shravan Kumar Sonkar.

With over 22 years since its release, Drupal continues to be a powerful and reliable content management system. Let's delve into the five reasons why Drupal is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to build and maintain dynamic online experiences.

Firstly, Drupal offers exceptional flexibility and scalability. Its robust framework can handle complex web applications using core modules and APIs. Notable features such as RSS feed generation, page listings, commenting, and user permissions enhance Drupal's versatility. The layout builder module further exemplifies Drupal's commitment to providing users with flexibility.

Secondly, Drupal empowers extensive personalization capabilities. Its core tenets of flexibility enable websites to deliver tailored content to specific audiences based on their geographic locations. The geolocation and taxonomy modules provide nuanced targeting capabilities, allowing businesses to deliver relevant material to key audiences.

Next, Drupal boasts a strong reputation for security. It is trusted by renowned entities like NASA, Tesla, and governments globally. Drupal's open-source nature enables thorough codebase auditing and evaluation, ensuring one of the most rigorous security practices in the industry.

Furthermore, Drupal enjoys a committed and active user base. With over 1 million users worldwide, the Drupal community is among the most vibrant and supportive CMS communities. Users can rely on the community forum for problem-solving, and extensive documentation provides comprehensive resources for newcomers to utilize Drupal's features effectively.

Lastly, Drupal excels in native multilingual support. With immediate access to over 100 languages, Drupal is unrivaled in its capabilities to accommodate global audiences. The internationalization module enhances its core multilingual capabilities, making Drupal an ideal choice for companies operating in multiple geographies.

In addition to these compelling reasons, Drupal's appeal is bolstered by its free and open-source nature. Its network effects benefit from a growing community of adopters, leading to an improved overall experience for users.

If you're considering a CMS switch, Drupal's longevity, feature-packed nature, security, and scalability make it a wise choice. Young companies seeking future success and the ability to handle scale and multi-site support should seriously consider Drupal as their CMS solution.

As businesses strive to provide exceptional online experiences, Drupal continues to prove itself as a top-tier CMS, empowering organizations to create and manage dynamic websites efficiently.


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