Drupal Security Checklist from People’s Blog


A blog post published on People's Blog provides a security checklist for Drupal applications to protect websites built on the Drupal platform. The checklist includes three key areas: securing the Drupal installation, user accounts, and site configurations. The post is written by Karthik Kumar D K.

In terms of securing the Drupal installation, the article recommends keeping core and contributed modules up to date and applying security patches promptly. It also advises restricting file permissions, securing the database, and implementing SSL/TLS encryption.

The article suggests enforcing strong passwords, implementing two-factor authentication, and regularly auditing and managing user roles and permissions to secure user accounts. It also emphasizes protecting against brute force attacks and implementing account lockouts.

The article highlights the need to review and configure security-related modules. It also emphasizes the importance of regular backups, monitoring logs for suspicious activity, and using security scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities. Following this security checklist can help Drupal administrators enhance the security posture of their applications and protect against potential threats. Click here to read the blog post.

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