The DropTimes: Reflecting on a Year of Insights, Milestones, and Enriching Content

The DropTimes 2023 in Retrospect

The year 2023 has drawn to a close, marking a momentous period for The DropTimes, a platform that has encapsulated a wealth of insights and knowledge. Over the year, our platform has proudly presented nearly 56 engaging interviews and curated an extensive catalogue comprising 163+ events, marking our dedication to covering the latest tech news and trends. Introducing the 'Spotlight' channel for company interviews has been a significant addition, broadening our scope of coverage. We were also diligent in bringing news and features regarding advancements and innovations in Drupal to our readers.

Drupal is often criticised for its complexity and steep learning curve. Although it might seem a long way to conquer Drupal, there are many resources to aid that journey. With 'Learn Drupal', The DropTimes helps you find the right and best resources to help navigate your journey. Among the standout features were 

 offering our readers invaluable resources and insights.

A new channel dedicated to news and features about Drupal Initiatives was created in 2023, namely 'Initiatives Around Drupal'.

The DropTimes was welcomed to Talking Drupal, where Anoop John, our founder and CTO of Zyxware Technologies, participated in the engaging discussion. Do check out more here.

The DropTimes was also introduced to the larger Drupal community by Anoop during DrupalCon Pittsburgh.

Anoop John at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023

As we conclude this eventful year, let's take a moment to revisit the milestones that have defined our journey and empowered our audience with indispensable Drupal expertise.

As media partners for DrupalCon Lille, we proudly published about 100 articles, conducted 15 interviews, and provided live event updates, capturing the essence of this global event across its diverse phases. 

Since its inception, The DropTimes has covered:

During 2023, TDT had the privilege of interviewing many unique and ambitious individuals within the Drupal community and free open-source ecosystem.

Let's take a glimpse at the array of events we've supported in 2023

TDT was fortunate enough to cover most of the Drupal events in 2023.

Looking ahead, we're excited for more chances to fulfil our mission of delivering enriching content and insights to our cherished readers. Our team also offers coverage of numerous other events, ensuring a comprehensive glimpse into industry happenings. Meet our dedicated team.

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