Swag Shop's Pride Month Products to Fund Trans Tech Social

Pride Month

Drupal Swag Shop has opened a full range of Pride Month merchandise. With the new range of products, Swag Shop offers a chance to celebrate Pride Month with Drupal.

Drupal Swag Shop is an initiative to offer sustainably sourced Drupal-branded merchandise that promotes Drupal and generates revenue for the Drupal Association. The project is at present in the Beta stage.

With the sale of Pride Month products, the Swag shop is raising funds for Trans Tech Social.

TransTech Social is a co-learning and co-working community created to empower, educate, and employ the LGBTQ+ community through accessible education programs, inclusive events, and equitable employment opportunities that teach practical career-ready skills. The funds from every purchase made in the Swag Shop from this year’s new Drupal Pride collection will go 100% to this organization.

Click here to visit the Swag shop’s Pride Month range.

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