Drupalize.me Launches Performance and Scalability Course for Drupal Sites

Drupalize.me has unveiled its latest course, "Performance and Scalability for Drupal Sites." The course aims to address the complex and in-demand topic of optimizing performance for Drupal websites, providing site administrators with valuable insights and tools to enhance their site's speed and scalability.

A standout feature of this course is the invaluable expertise contributed by Anna Mykhailova, a renowned figure within the Drupal community. On Drupal.org, Anna serves as an Associate Director of Technology and holds the esteemed title of certified Acquia Grand Master. With a wealth of real-world experience as a developer, Anna brings a unique perspective to the table, making her an exceptional guide for students embarking on this educational journey.

The "Performance and Scalability for Drupal Sites" course caters to site administrators eager to expand their knowledge of site performance concepts and terminology. By enrolling in this comprehensive program, administrators gain access to a wealth of information on monitoring a Drupal site's health and performance and the array of available tools at their disposal.

One of the course's highlights is the focus on utilizing tools such as Lighthouse and WebPageTest. Students will learn how to effectively employ these tools to identify areas of improvement and seize opportunities to enhance their site's performance. With Anna Mykhailova's expert guidance, participants will gain practical skills and techniques that can be immediately applied to their Drupal projects.

To learn more about the course and enroll, visit this page, where a host of educational opportunities awaits Drupal enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills and stay at the forefront of their field.

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