DrupalCon Lille 2023: Scholarship & Grant Recipients Announced

18 July, 2023

DrupalCon Lille organizers have announced the list of Scholarship & Grant recipients who will have the opportunity to attend the highly anticipated event. The Drupal Association, alongside generous support from Kuoni Tumlare Congress and Drupal Ireland, has sponsored the conference, underscoring its commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals within the Drupal community.

The Scholarship & Grant program was created to ensure that individuals from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented communities can actively participate in DrupalCon Lille. This initiative opens doors for aspiring developers, designers, and industry professionals who might have otherwise faced financial barriers to attend the conference.

The stage is set for DrupalCon Lille, scheduled to take place from October 17 to 20, 2023, in Lille, France. This much-awaited gathering of Drupal enthusiasts promises to be an enriching experience, showcasing the latest trends, innovative ideas, and collaborative efforts within the Drupal ecosystem.

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