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Following the conclusion of the term by Matthew Saunders, the Event Organizers Working Group (EOWG) has initiated an election process to fill the vacant position on the Board. The voting phase remains open until tomorrow, Friday, January 19; the two candidates, Michael Miles and Michael Richardson are contesting the elections to secure a seat on the EOWG Board.

The Event Organizers Working Group (EOWG) is dedicated to facilitating community-led events within the Drupal community. This encompasses camps, summits, training days, contribution days, and meetups. While the content generated will remain open and accessible to everyone, EOWG'S primary emphasis is on creating documentation and providing services to bolster and champion community-led events. The details of the Board membership and its term are mentioned in the EOWG charter.

The EOWG Board waived the eligibility requirements for this election. Stakeholders were invited to participate in the nomination process for the EOWG Board by commenting on the issue, Event Organizer Working Group Elections, 2023, expressing either self-nomination or nominating another individual. Following the conclusion of the nomination period, the EOWG Board contacted the nominees (Michael Miles and Michael Richardson) and proceeded with an election as the number of nominees exceeded the available seats.

Michael Miles, a prominent figure in the New England Drupal community, is hailed for his role as the lead organizer of the renowned Boston Drupal Meetup group and as an organizer of the New England Drupal Camp. He is also the Director of Web Development at MIT Sloan School of Management. You can read Michael Miles' nomination here.

Meanwhile, Michael Richardson currently serves as the Treasurer for DrupalSouth and has actively contributed to organizing the flagship annual event in Australia and New Zealand. He also serves as the Chair of the newly-founded DrupalAsia Steering Committee. You can read Mike Richardson's nomination here.

When asked about the motivation behind contesting the EOWG election, both Miles and Richardson had their own personal reasons, but they were united by their common feeling of gratitude and commitment towards the Drupal community.

Michael Miles
Michael Miles

"My candidacy for the EOWG Elections stems from a deep-seated passion for the Drupal community, a driving force behind my professional journey."

said, Michael Miles.

He also shared with The DropTimes a brief history of his journey with Drupal, which has now brought him to the EOWG Board election. 

Miles began his journey into Drupal at the Boston Drupal Meetup, where he received vital support and insights, leading him to take on the role of lead organizer for the meetup and join the New England Drupal Camp organizing committee. When he ventured into public speaking, the Drupal camps offered him a platform to enrich his skills and experience. Miles' presence in the New England Drupal Camp organizing committee further deepened his understanding of the collaborative efforts essential in creating impactful learning experiences for the Drupal community.

"The EOWG Elections represent a natural progression in my commitment to the Drupal community. I see this as an opportunity to broaden my horizons, absorbing knowledge from fellow organizers and leveraging my experiences to benefit the wider Drupal community. It's not just a chance for personal growth, but a platform to contribute meaningfully, ensuring that our community continues to thrive and evolve."

added Miles.

He also notes that his aspirations for joining the Events Organizers Working Group (EOWG) are twofold and deeply intertwined with his commitment to the Drupal community. 

"Firstly, I aim to contribute my accumulated experiences and insights to the EOWG, aiding in the growth and enhancement of Drupal events globally. I believe that my journey from a participant to an organizer equips me with a unique perspective that can add significant value to our discussions and initiatives."

"Secondly, I am eager to absorb the wealth of knowledge and expertise that resides within the EOWG. My goal is to serve as a conduit, bringing innovative ideas and best practices from the global Drupal community back to our local groups. By doing so, I hope to foster a symbiotic relationship between local and global initiatives, ensuring that our local communities are not just beneficiaries but active contributors to the global Drupal narrative. This role presents an exciting opportunity to merge local insights with global strategies, creating a more vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic Drupal community."

We directed the same questions to each candidate, and Mike Richardson's reply about what moved him to contest the election went like this:

Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson

"I'm excited now for the opportunity to share some of the experience I've gained in the past few years running community events and to be able to support others around the world who want to grow their local groups and promote Drupal and all the awesome stuff that you can do with it. "

-Mike Richardson, Managing Director, Ironstar, responded to The DropTimes.

"Drupal and all its users do a fantastic job organizing and participating in community events. If elected, I want to expand this support and offer more resources to non-English speaking communities and Drupal developers and users in emerging markets, especially across Asia.

I also want to continue to foster and support the exceptionally good work that all of the Drupal community has done to build a project and community that values diversity and inclusion so centrally."

says Richardson about his aspirations for the role.

The resulting election outcome will determine the recipient of the board position, while the candidate not elected will be encouraged to contribute as a member of the EOWG advisory board. The latter will not possess voting rights; he will still have the opportunity to participate in initiatives and contribute to the discussions, ensuring that their wealth of organizational expertise and commitment to the Drupal community continues to be valued.

This election marks a significant moment for the EOWG, underscoring the organization's foundational principle of fostering community involvement in its leadership decisions. Members of the EOWG are invited to participate in the election and have until tomorrow to cast their votes

Following the conclusion of the election, the results will be officially announced, signifying the commencement of the board’s new term and further illustrating the democratic and community-driven ethos of the EOWG’s operations.

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