Top Drupal Dev Companies for Aug 2023 Unveiled; or Wait What?

On Phantom Marketing and the Art of Curation

Marketing takes many forms. Some companies create events. Exceptional companies, I mean. Acquia Engage is one such. But not all companies can be Acquia, right? Not all companies that work in Drupal have its founder at their helm. Not all Drupal companies provide an enterprise solution with specialised services to premium customers. Still, they need to sell their A-game. How would they do that?

Email marketing, social media marketing, and other outbound marketing techniques exist. And then there is phantom marketing. It is selling something similar by posing as something easily recognisable. This article is about such a phantom marketing technique and a way to make money out of it. 

Use third-party websites to create a list and be on that list with some of the best players in the market! It is like being in a football team with Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe. You know that you aren't any of them. But wearing the same jersey in the ground with them when somebody picks their favourite 11 automatically translates to you being an exceptional player, whether that is true or not. 

That is what lists such as "Best Drupal Companies for August 2023" do. Sure, there will be some companies worth their name in the list. And there comes your company too. 

So here is such a list. To assist businesses and organisations in their search for exceptional Drupal development services, 'Find Best Web Development' has unveiled its "highly anticipated" list of the "Best Drupal Development Companies for August 2023."

It means they could go on making that list every month and earn some in doing so. It is an opportunity. As long as someone there is willing to pay, why shy away? After all, every company wants to be heard. Every company should get a chance to showcase themselves to the world. Who wins is secondary. Being in the race and marking your presence is the primary thing to do. And such lists do that. 

When I first wrote this, I thought naming and shaming would do some good. It seems nothing has changed. A company in 7th place in the aforelinked listicle is now touted as the first in a newer article published a fortnight later; after I put out this ridiculing piece. So I am removing the naming part altogether, and those keen about knowing the names could always visit that link. Ah, I forgot to mention the new list is here. Fancy predicting, who made that list? No winners!

If you scan the list, you can see some companies' profiles are on They have contributed to the community via developers or code and participated in Drupal events. Some digital marketing companies may also use Drupal with many other options. And they might not have a profile setup in the marketplace. But the list magically catches all of them. 

Two types of companies find themselves on such lists—Those that would be a natural selection in any such list and those who could hack into any list with their prowess. 

I am not judgemental. I do not intend to point out which companies in the above list belong to which category. That is left to the better judgement of readers here. Neither do I opine that a second type of company is bogus or unworthy of finding its place on such a list. In reality, they may even do a better job than the more heard names in the market as they might know whom to pick for the right job. All they do is outsource their work. Whom they outsource the work to would make the difference. 

But what about the first type of companies that get into such lists? Did they know their names were being used? Did they approve? Or did they look the other way because any publicity is good publicity? That they get free mentions? 

If I had a company that provides Drupal services, would I try to be on that list? Maybe not. But who knows what might my marketing guy with an MBA think? Piggybacking does not sound good to me. But that is just an opinion. Everybody has one. Who cares!

Now the rest is all marketing lingo. Kindly spare it.

With Inputs from: Kazima Abbas

[LAST EDITED: 18 August 2023]

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