Empower Open Source: Join, Give, and Shop to Support Drupal Community Growth

25 August, 2023
Drupal Association

The open-source movement thrives on community support, and now, you can make a tangible impact. By joining, giving, or shopping, you can contribute to the growth of the open-source project you hold dear – Drupal.

The Drupal project has been propelled by the dedication of individuals who believe in the power of collaborative development. If you're a part of this community or if you've reaped the benefits of Drupal's open-source ecosystem, here's your opportunity to give back.

Join the Drupal Association as an Individual Member to play an active role in nurturing Drupal's growth. By becoming a member, you gain access to an array of benefits:


For those seeking more tangible engagement, explore the SWAG shop. Elevate your Drupal spirit with exclusive gear, from t-shirts to stickers. Not only do you wear your support proudly, but your purchases also directly contribute to the betterment of Drupal.

The open-source ethos thrives on the collective effort; your involvement can take many forms. By joining the Drupal Association, giving your financial support, or shopping for Drupal merchandise, you are integral in driving the open-source community's progress.

The power of open source lies in the hands of its contributors. Your choice to contribute, whether through membership, donations, or merchandise, empowers the Drupal project to thrive and continue delivering innovative solutions to the world.


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