Benefits of Upgrading to Drupal 10

Canton Group has recently spotlighted the significance of transitioning to Drupal 10 in a new news story. With nearly two years having passed since Drupal 8 reached its end of life, businesses are urged to consider the benefits of upgrading and migrating their platforms.

In a recent announcement, Drupal revealed that it has once again extended the end-of-life date for Drupal 7, now set for January 5, 2025. After this date, community-based support, bug fixes, module development, new features, and security updates for Drupal 7 will cease to be available, making it crucial for businesses to initiate their migration efforts.

Businesses still operating on the Drupal 7 framework, unless they have already begun comprehensive website audits and migration plans, must now prioritize the transition to Drupal 10. The transition from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 is considered the simplest migration path. For organizations that are not already on Drupal 9, upgrading to this version is a prerequisite before making the move to Drupal 10.

Websites that continue to run on Drupal 7 are built on outdated code, often necessitating a complete overhaul of their websites to ensure compatibility and security. The evolution to Drupal 10 presents a significant leap in terms of open-source technology, attracting a growing number of users to the Drupal community.

For businesses operating on older versions of Drupal, the time is ripe to consider the benefits of upgrading to Drupal 10 and embracing the innovation that this platform brings to the ever-evolving world of web development.

To read the full blog post and gain comprehensive insights, visit Exploring the Benefits of a Drupal 10 Upgrade | The Canton Group

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