Singapore Government Launches Purple A11y for Enhanced Web Accessibility

Singapore Government Launches Purple A11y for Enhanced Web Accessibility

The Singapore Government Digital Services team has recently introduced Purple A11y, a comprehensive open-source accessibility testing tool designed to enhance website usability for persons with disabilities. This tool, which builds on the robust axe-core framework provided by Deque, allows for an extensive scan of websites—not just individual pages but entire sites.

Mike Gifford, a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA), has expressed his admiration for the initiative. 

"The effort put into both the usability of the reports and the desktop application is impressive. It makes it simpler for non-developers to utilize the tool effectively," 

Mike noted. He also highlighted a growing trend where organizations spend more on reporting accessibility issues rather than resolving them. Mike hopes that tools like Purple A11y, formerly known as Purple Hats, will equip designers and developers better to identify and fix these issues.

Purple A11y operates as a Node.js module that can be seamlessly integrated with various end-to-end testing frameworks. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, offering a graphical user interface for desktops that simplifies the process for those less familiar with command-line interactions.

GovTechSG/ purple-a11y
Screenshot of the Purple-a11y GitHub repository

Key features of Purple A11y include its ability to perform detailed scans of websites, generating results in both JSON format and HTML reports. The initial setup and execution of the tool are straightforward, thanks to the detailed installation guide provided on the official Purple A11y GitHub repository. The tool's technology stack includes Crawlee, Axe-core, Node.js, Playwright, Pixelmatch, Corretto, and VeraPDF, among others.

For ease of use, the application offers a portable version, Purple A11y Portable, which simplifies the installation process, reducing potential technical barriers for users. The tool also supports various modes of operation, including a headless mode that allows scans to run in the background, making the process unobtrusive.

Furthermore, the developers have taken significant steps to ensure the security and integrity of the tool. The official application is available exclusively through an official government link, and users are cautioned against downloading from third-party sources that could compromise system security.

Purple A11y is not just a technical achievement; it is also a stride towards inclusivity, ensuring that digital services are accessible to all users, regardless of their physical abilities. As digital platforms increasingly become the primary means of communication and service delivery, tools like Purple A11y play a crucial role in promoting an inclusive digital environment. But Mike cautions,

"Keep in mind that automated tools only capture a small portion of accessibility issues. Manual testing is always needed, but we should be able to quickly address the low-hanging fruit by quickly finding errors when they come up.

Read the full post here.

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