Krista Brenner: Tech Trailblazer and Advocate for Diversity in Drupal

Agileana recently hosted a captivating conversation with Krista Brenner, a shining example of determination and success in the tech industry. Krista, a self-taught professional, boasts an impressive academic background with a BA in political science from Queens College CUNY, an International Organizations MBA from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and a scrum master certification.

At Agileana, Krista Brenner thrives on Drupal-based projects. Her love for the platform and the community surrounding it stems from its open-source nature and its notable gender inclusivity, a refreshing contrast to the predominantly male-dominated tech industry.

Reflecting on her recent experience at DrupalCon, Krista expressed her delight in witnessing the growth of the "Women in Drupal" session. Notably, the session saw a more diverse mix of participants, including developers, project managers, and individuals who wear multiple hats within the industry. This shift highlights the Drupal community's increasing awareness of the importance of supporting diversity and inclusivity.

Krista Brenner's journey serves as an inspiring testament to the possibilities that emerge when passion aligns with knowledge and dedication. Her advocacy for diversity and open source within the tech realm is paving the way for a more inclusive future.

As Krista continues to shine brightly in her career, her story remains a source of motivation for all aspiring professionals in the ever-evolving tech landscape. To delve deeper into her insights and experiences, explore the full conversation here: Agile Conversations: Krista Brenner on Learning by Doing, Women in Drupal, and Effective Leadership | Agile web development in Washington DC (

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