Mastering PHP Debugging with XDebug: A Drupal Developer's Guide

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Ankitha Shetty's recent blog titled “Simplified PHP Debugging with XDebug in Lando & DDev for Drupal” in Specbee unveils the intricacies of PHP debugging with XDebug for Drupal developers. Debugging, a crucial aspect of website development, empowers developers to pinpoint and rectify issues, ultimately leading to a more seamless and dependable end product. 

XDebug, a robust debugger in PHP, offers an array of features that facilitate error identification and resolution. These features encompass step debugging, enhanced error reporting in PHP, tracing capabilities, profiling tools, and code coverage analysis. Moreover, XDebug seamlessly integrates with various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), including Visual Studio Code, making it a versatile tool in a developer's arsenal.

The blog delves into the practical implementation of XDebug in Drupal setups using Lando and DDEV, with a focus on Visual Studio Code as the preferred IDE. It elucidates the steps required to enable XDebug on Lando, emphasizing the importance of custom tooling commands to toggle XDebug on and off as needed. The browser requirements for XDebug are also elucidated, with recommended extensions for Chrome and Firefox users.

The blog also provides comprehensive instructions for configuring XDebug in Visual Studio Code, allowing developers to seamlessly initiate the debugging process. Overall, Ankitha Shetty's blog serves as an invaluable resource for Drupal developers seeking to streamline their debugging workflow with XDebug, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their PHP code. For a detailed read visit the blog page.

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