Drupal Migration: Ensuring Performance and Security with Drupal 10

19 September, 2023

The article "Migrating to Drupal 10: Best Practices and Challenges to Consider," by Golems discusses critical decisions regarding the versions website owners using Drupal have implemented.

According to Drupal Core usage statistics, some websites still operate on outdated Drupal 6 and 7 versions, which lack the new features available in the latest Drupal release and expose websites to security risks.

Drupal 10, released on December 14, 2022, introduces a range of enhancements and improvements. Notably, it features a more user-friendly backend interface with the Claro theme, compliance with WCAG accessibility guidelines, and adopting CKEditor 5 for enhanced content editing. Additionally, Drupal 10 incorporates Symfony 6 and PHP 8.1 to improve performance and security.

For websites that continue to rely on older Drupal versions, especially Drupal 7 and 8, migrating to Drupal 10 is highly recommended. The Drupal community has decided to deprecate Drupal 7 in November 2023, making it increasingly susceptible to security threats. Meanwhile, Drupal 8 reached its end of life in November 2021, rendering it unsupported.

Given these developments, timely migration is crucial. Website owners are encouraged to seek assistance from professional Drupal developers to ensure a seamless transition. The rapidly evolving technology landscape underscores the importance of updating websites with the latest Drupal version.

Migrating to Drupal 10 offers more than just security and improved performance; it also addresses accumulated technical errors and outdated code. Drupal's alignment with Symfony's release cycles ensures that Drupal 10 will provide stability for several years, delivering a faster and more robust platform. The cost of migrating to Drupal 10 varies depending on the existing Drupal version, necessitating website owners to conduct a comprehensive Drupal website audit to ascertain their specific migration requirements.

In conclusion, upgrading to Drupal 10 represents a strategic investment in websites' long-term success and security. For a detailed read, visit the blog post.

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