Reflecting on DrupalCon Portland: A Note of Appreciation to Our Volunteers

Reflecting on a Successful DrupalCon Portland: A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Volunteers

As the curtains close on another exhilarating edition of DrupalCon Portland, it's important to pause and reflect on the immense efforts that made this event a resounding success. While the excitement of the conference has been palpable, the seamless flow of updates and information that reached our readers was made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers. The Drop Times is grateful to these individuals and companies who went above and beyond to ensure our community stayed informed.

Celebrating Our Volunteers

We appreciate the dedicated efforts of the individuals who represented The Drop Times at DrupalCon Portland. 

Anoop John, Founder & CTO of Zyxware Technologies and founder of The Drop Times, was instrumental in coordinating our coverage and ensuring seamless updates. AmyJune Hineline, Certification Community Architect at Linux Foundation, and Luke McCormick, independent solutions architect, provided thorough live updates, capturing important developments and discussions invaluable to our readers. Alejandro Moreno López, Program Manager and Drupal Innovation Coordinator at Drupal Association, shared a wealth of images and videos, bringing the conference's vibrant atmosphere to those who could not attend in person. Surabhi Gokte, Engagement Associate at Axelerant, ensured that our audience received real-time information, enhancing the interactive experience of the event. 

Rosie Gladden, VP of Marketing at ImageX,  provided pictures that added visual depth to our coverage. Pavithra Raman, currently a freelance developer, also contributed, and we are grateful for her involvement.

Appreciation for Supporting Companies

We extend our thanks to the companies that greatly aided our reporting efforts., through their event, LagoonCon Portland, not only contributed to a broader discussion but also shared a variety of visual content that enriched our articles. Their team's enthusiasm and cooperation were much appreciated.

HeroDevs deserves recognition for consistently mentioning us in their LinkedIn posts during the conference, which helped increase our visibility and reach within the professional community.

Thanks to the collective efforts of these dedicated individuals and supportive companies, our coverage of DrupalCon Portland was a success. We are grateful for their contributions and look forward to future collaborations that will continue to enrich our community's experience.

Note: The vision of this web portal is to help promote news and stories around the Drupal community and promote and celebrate the people and organizations in the community. We strive to create and distribute our content based on these content policy. If you see any omission/variation on this please let us know in the comments below and we will try to address the issue as best we can.

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