Avi Schwab Sparks Drupal Community Dialogue on Governance & Transparency

26 September, 2023

Avi Schwab has sparked discussions on vital topics of community governance, transparency, and sustainability in a recent blog post. The Drupal community's response to instances of intolerance has showcased its commitment to principles of respect and dignity. However, Schwab's insights encourage a more profound exploration of the issues at hand.

The Drupal community has long prided itself on fostering an inclusive environment, valuing the respectful treatment of all its members. Recent events have reaffirmed these values and prompted swift action to address breaches of these principles. The removal of a board member whose beliefs did not align with Drupal's core values has been seen as a positive step in the short term.

Schwab's blog post, however, moves beyond the immediate triumph, prompting the community to reflect on the processes that led to the appointment of the now-departed board member. Key concerns include the transparency of the Drupal Association's Nominating Committee and the criteria used to assess potential board members. The community seeks a deeper understanding of how business objectives and personal values are weighed during the nominating process.

Drupal's diverse and vibrant community has played a pivotal role in its growth and success. Schwab's blog post reminds us that while the Drupal Association tirelessly works to ensure the platform's vitality, it faces challenges in creating a governance and funding model that ensures sustainability. Balancing the support for Drupal's growth, its ongoing sustenance, and its financial viability is an ongoing endeavour.

Lastly, the Drupal community continues to confront issues of hate and intolerance. Schwab urges the community to build on recent momentum in addressing intolerance within its ranks. The hope is that this collective action will extend beyond individual cases and prompt scrutiny of other leaders who provide platforms for hate.

Avi Schwab's blog post initiates crucial conversations within the Drupal community about governance, transparency, and sustainability. It serves as a reminder that even in a dynamic and inclusive community like Drupal, continuous assessment and adaptation of processes are essential to uphold core values and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. For a deeper dive into these discussions, visit the full blog post: Drupal Community Governance, Transparency, and Sustainability · Avi Schwab (froboy.org)

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