Understanding the Cost and Capabilities of Drupal Commerce

01 October, 2023
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The blog titled "Is Drupal Commerce free? " was published on August 21, 2023, on Rootstack and discusses the cost and features of Drupal Commerce as a powerful e-commerce platform. This blog post highlights Drupal Commerce as a free and open-source platform built on the Drupal content management system, providing businesses with a flexible and feature-rich solution for creating online stores.

Drupal Commerce's modular architecture allows developers to extend its capabilities with custom modules. The piece covers various vital features, including product display customisation, payment and shipping support, tax calculation, order management, product variants, discounts, reporting, and multilingual and multi-currency support, making it a versatile choice for e-commerce businesses.

The blog clarifies that Drupal Commerce is free and open source, available for download and use by anyone. However, additional costs may be incurred for web hosting, domain registration, and optional modules or extensions. Additionally, the need for developers or specialists to set up and configure a Drupal Commerce shop can result in further expenses.

The piece also outlines primary use cases for Drupal Commerce, including online retail storefronts, digital goods stores, subscription-based services, and fundraising websites. Overall, it provides a comprehensive overview of Drupal Commerce's cost structure and capabilities for businesses seeking an e-commerce solution. For a detailed read, visit the blog post.

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