NEDCamp 2023 Workshop: Learn Drupal Module Development Tools with Michael Anello


Drupal developer and trainer Michael Anello will lead an extensive "Professional Drupal Module Development Tools" workshop at NEDCamp 2023 on November 17, 2023. Anello, the lead instructor for DrupalEasy's highly-regarded 90-hour Professional Module Development course, aims to guide attendees in establishing a robust local development environment equipped with the essential tools required to create top-tier custom Drupal modules.

During this full-day workshop, participants will gain proficiency in configuring PhpStorm and Visual Studio Code in tandem with existing DDEV or Lando installations. Anello will also cover the integration of critical plugins, extensions, and code quality tools, ensuring that attendees are well-prepared for success. Essential tools to be explored include Drupal Coder (phpcs, phpcbf), PhpStan, and Xdebug.

Participants are advised to install PhpStorm or Visual Studio Code and a functional DDEV or Lando setup to make the most of this workshop. Moreover, a comfortable command-line interface familiarity, including Drush and Composer, is recommended. The workshop will equip Drupal enthusiasts of all levels with the practical knowledge and tools necessary for effective module development.

This workshop is designed to cater to a diverse audience, welcoming attendees of all levels of expertise. For those seeking to enhance their developer skills, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of Drupal module development. The workshop location is Gaige Hall 205, offering a conducive environment for an immersive learning experience. With Michael Anello's guidance, attendees can look forward to gaining valuable insights and skills to excel in their Drupal module development endeavours during NEDCamp 2023.

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