More Than a CMS—Drupal's Versatile Framework Capabilities Explained

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Oliver Davies' blog post titled "Is Drupal a CMS or a framework?" delves into the multifaceted nature of Drupal. Traditionally acknowledged as a Content Management System (CMS), Drupal's extensive capabilities and adaptability propel it beyond the confines of a standard CMS. Rather, it emerges as a Content Management Framework (CMF), which allows for the creation of highly customized content management systems tailored to the unique demands of each application. In essence, Drupal stands out for its dynamic and versatile solution.

Going further, Drupal exhibits qualities akin to an Application Framework, sharing common ground with well-known frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel. Drupal's flexible architecture empowers developers to not only extend its functionalities with custom modules but also craft distinct themes to achieve visually striking designs.

Additionally, the core of Drupal offers a comprehensive array of inbuilt features encompassing user account management, authentication, the formidable query builder Views, provision for JSON:API endpoints, and the intuitive visual page editor Layout Builder. This rich spectrum of capabilities underscores Drupal's role as a holistic solution, capable of not just content management but also adept at addressing complex web application development needs and delivering an exceptional user experience.

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