LocalGov Drupal Session for Simplified Strategies for Accessible User Experiences

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LocalGov Drupal, a platform created by councils for councils, is set to host LocalGov Drupal Week 2023 from Nov 13-17. A week of virtual Zoom sessions catering to the theme, 'Doing More With Less,' geared toward councils and their suppliers aiming to maximize their digital efforts while minimizing resources.

"Creating an Accessible and User-Driven Experience Out-Of-The-Box," presented by Shazia Attia and Gemma Bates from Invuse, this session, scheduled for Wednesday, November 15, will delve into the complex yet vital realm of providing a high-quality, accessible user experience through LocalGov Drupal. The focus will be on demystifying the process for achieving a top-notch user experience and intuitive, accessible content templates, drawing from research and data collected over eight LGD User Research, Content Strategy, and Migration projects.

The session will primarily cater to Communications teams with limited or no Drupal knowledge, aiming to guide them toward optimal results without requiring the development of code or additional plugin installations. By offering straightforward strategies and tips, the User Experience team at Invuse seeks to equip participants with valuable insights into crafting quality user experiences. These insights will extend to creating accessible content templates, ensuring that diverse audience types engaging with websites powered by LocalGov Drupal have a seamless and positive experience.

To register for the session, please visit the website.

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