CKEditor5 HTML Embed Module: Safeguarding HTML Structure in Drupal 10

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Recently, Gengo Kikuchi, the director at Umi, introduced the CKEditor5 HTML Embed module, highlighting its role in Drupal 10. The module is designed to address the limitations of CKEditor 5, specifically its incapability to support HTML5. Often, when saving content in CKEditor 5, structured HTML can be unintentionally rearranged, causing issues in maintaining the intended HTML structure.

The CKEditor5 HTML Embed module serves as a solution to circumvent the editor's auto-completion behavior, allowing for the seamless embedding of HTML within CKEditor. This integration ensures that HTML structures remain unaltered and unaffected by CKEditor's auto-completion functions. By incorporating an "Insert HTML" button into the editor settings, this module simplifies adding HTML snippets without any unintended modifications.

This module is lauded for its ability to maintain HTML integrity, which is particularly advantageous for segregating content edited in HTML from that in CKEditor. While it offers notable benefits, there are certain limitations, such as the need for separate image fields for images within snippets and the absence of syntax highlighting. Despite these constraints, the CKEditor5 HTML Embed module proves valuable for users seeking to embed concise HTML segments while avoiding modifications due to CKEditor's auto-completion features in Drupal 10.

The article recommends alternative editors, such as The Code Mirror module, for more complex HTML requirements, emphasizing the importance of structured data and reducing reliance on HTML within templates.

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