Ensuring Upgrade Integrity: Iteris' Drupal 9 Transition Success

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Iteris, a prominent player in Smart Mobility Infrastructure Management listed on Nasdaq, recently embarked on a strategic journey to upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 with the help of Zyxware. The primary motivation behind this move was to integrate the advanced security features and enhancements offered by Drupal 9, thereby reinforcing the technological strength of their platform.

However, the transition was no ordinary task, given that their website was rooted in an earlier version of Drupal 8, which had not kept pace with the subsequent minor releases leading up to Drupal 9.

The challenges stemmed from the need to navigate through approximately nine incremental versions, each introducing its own set of new features while phasing out older functionalities. This intricate evolution made the upgrade process a complex undertaking, requiring a meticulous quality assurance (QA) approach to ensure the website's uninterrupted functionality.

In essence, the challenge was twofold: comprehending the extensive changes across these versions and safeguarding the core features and user experience during the transition.

Iteris, in collaboration with the Zyxware QA team, adopted a systematic three-pronged strategy to address the nuanced challenges presented by the upgrade:

  1. They established a replica test environment that closely mirrored their production setup. This environment provided a realistic reference point, anticipating and addressing real-world challenges, ensuring that every test run was firmly grounded in practical scenarios.
  2. They proactively created 147 comprehensive test cases designed to evaluate the site's various functions rigorously. This proactive approach ensured that the system underwent thorough vetting post-upgrade, safeguarding the integrity of every feature and function.
  3. Iteris conducted a pilot test, a scaled-down version of the complete upgrade, to gain insights into potential intricacies and serve as a risk-reduction mechanism by spotlighting anomalies before the comprehensive migration.

Guided by these rigorous testing protocols and thorough preparation, Iteris successfully achieved a transition to Drupal 9 that was not only seamless but also fortified in security and optimized for efficiency. Their strategic approach ensured a holistic, precise, and reliable upgrade.

This achievement sets a notable example for businesses considering a similar upgrade, emphasizing the importance of expert website upgrades and testing to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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