Layout Builder Plus Module for Effortless Drupal Web Design

07 November, 2023
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Tag1 Consulting introduces the Layout Builder Plus module, a robust enhancement of Drupal's Layout Builder, as Tim Bozeman provides a succinct overview of its capabilities. The module, designed to optimize web page construction, is demonstrated using a fresh installation of Drupal's Umami demo site. 

Highlighting a novel user interface, Layout Builder Plus by Tag1 Consulting features a sidebar presenting blocks for creating pages and maintaining a categorized list for easy access to various blocks. Its drag-and-drop functionality enables users to effortlessly position blocks, with automatically generated content and block icons providing a clear visual preview of the elements. This user-friendly approach aims to facilitate easy page construction without the need for extensive form-filling, offering a more playful and instructive experience to users exploring Drupal's content creation possibilities.

Utilizing a similar user interface construction as the original Layout Builder, Layout Builder Plus integrates seamlessly with other compatible Layout Builder modules, such as Layout Builder Restrictions, Layout Builder Modal, and Section Library. The module ensures the ease of creating and editing web pages by enabling features like duplicating blocks, adjusting layouts, and visually altering content in real time. Its primary objective is to infuse an element of enjoyment and simplicity into web page construction, offering a more engaging and straightforward experience for Drupal users leveraging its functionality.

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