LocalGov Drupal Tutorial Series #1: Comprehensive Local Installation Guide Using Lando

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ORION WEB's first installment of its LocalGov Drupal tutorial series by Marios Ioannidis focuses on the step-by-step process of setting up a LocalGov Drupal website locally using Lando. LocalGov Drupal, a community-driven platform designed for Councils, has gained popularity for its commitment to building secure and accessible Council websites. 

The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide, emphasizing installing necessary tools like Composer, Docker Desktop, and Lando. By utilizing the LGD project template from GitHub, developers can seamlessly create their LocalGov Drupal project locally. The tutorial also covers the entire installation process, from Composer commands to launching Lando, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for developers exploring the LocalGov Drupal platform.

The LocalGov Drupal tutorial, "LocalGov Drupal Tutorial #1: Local Installation with Lando," underscores the significance of meeting Drupal 10 technical requirements, emphasizing the role of Composer as a dependency manager. Docker Desktop's simplified containerized application management and Lando's role as a local development environment further enhance the efficiency of the setup process. Developers are guided through creating a LocalGov Drupal project, installing dependencies, and finally, launching their site locally. With a focus on accessibility and user-friendliness, ORION WEB aims to empower developers to explore and contribute to the growing LocalGov Drupal community, contributing to the development of secure and efficient Council websites.

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