Russian Drupal Awards 2023: Celebrating Web Excellence

10 November, 2023

The Russian Drupal Awards 2023 concluded in October, showcasing a notable shift from quantity to quality with a focus on 46 projects, a reduction from previous years. The winners across various categories included newcomers and seasoned studios, reflecting the competition's commitment to recognizing excellence. In a recent blog post titled "Who Won the Russian Drupal Awards 2023," Andrey Rudenko of ADCI (Association of Drupal Communities and Innovations) shared an insightful overview of the results. 

Notable awardees in the "Corporate Websites" category included by web studio "July" and by Nizhny Novgorod Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, developed by WEBSHOP. In the "Online Stores" segment, for Asian food delivery in Moscow and for food delivery from the Kiss restaurant bar secured victories.

In the competitive arena of "Promo Sites, Landing Pages, Business Cards," the Russian Drupal Awards 2023 recognized outstanding achievements. Notably, emerged as a standout platform, serving as a comprehensive hub for work, training, and internships tailored to IT specialists in Irkutsk. Crafted by the adept hands of Web Studio "World of Sites," this winning entry showcased a seamless integration of design and functionality.

The "Sites-services" category highlighted achievements such as by the Garant-Auto showroom and tvkzhalyuzi.rf, a platform for custom-made blinds in Stavropol. The "Medical Sites" section recognized promo.xv for dentistry services by Dr. Romantsov and representing the family clinic Zolotarev Clinic. Unfortunately, fair competition faced challenges in the "Best HoReCa Site" and "Best Media" nominations due to limited participants, leading to a merger with the "Online Stores" category. Noteworthy participants in the media category included the women's magazine "Prelest" and the news publication RedDigest. Participants gained access to voting results and valuable feedback from jury members through their accounts, while the ADCI Solutions' updated Drupal studios and freelancers rating provided a comprehensive overview of the competition landscape.

ADCI's commitment to recognizing excellence in Drupal development shines through in this year's awards. For a comprehensive list of winners and further details, be sure to check out the ADCI blog.

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions to the world of web development!

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