Ricardo Sanz Shares Presentation on Behat and Acceptance Tests at DrupalCon Lille 2023

16 November, 2023
Behat and Drupal
Ricardo Sanz

Ricardo Sanz, Drupal Developer and DevOps at Metadrop, shared the workshop slides titled "Behat and Drupal for Acceptance Tests" from DrupalCon Lille 2023. This workshop, focused on Behavior Driven Development (BDD), serves as a resource for developers looking to enhance their understanding of Behat and its application in acceptance tests within the Drupal ecosystem.

The workshop encompasses hands-on exercises designed to familiarize participants with Behat, offering a Docker environment to streamline the configuration process. The inclusion of practical exercises ensures an interactive learning experience, allowing developers to apply their knowledge in a real-world context. The workshop prerequisites include familiarity with Git, Composer, Make, Docker, and Docker Compose (v1).

Sanz's presentation delves into the fundamentals of Behat, emphasizing its role as a BDD framework for automating behavior testing. By utilizing natural language and Gherkin language constructs, Behat enables the description of behaviors that can be automatically tested. The workshop provides an introduction to Behat, offering insights into its significance in facilitating acceptance tests and enhancing the overall development process.

To get your hands on the presentation by Ricardo Sanz, click here.

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