Green IT Practices with Drupal: Navigating Digital Sobriety for Sustainable Web Development

20 November, 2023

The recent blog post on Adimeo authored by Adam Carton de Wiart sheds light on the integration of Green IT practices within the Drupal CMS. It addresses the pressing concern in the web development community to craft energy-efficient and environmentally friendly websites, emphasizing the concept of digital sobriety.

The piece delves into specific criteria and benchmarks crucial for evaluating the environmental impact of digital projects. Practical tools, including the Green IT Association's framework,, and the General Framework for the Ecodesign of Digital Services (RGESN), are highlighted for assessing webpage weight, complexity, and the number of requests.

The blog explores four key levers essential for achieving Green IT within the Drupal CMS:

  • limiting page complexity,
  • optimizing page weight,
  • reducing the number of requests, and
  • minimizing server requests.

It outlines concrete actions within Drupal to address these levers, encompassing strategies to

  • restrict HTML generation,
  • implement advanced image management and
  • use CSS and JavaScript judiciously.

The narrative underscores the significance of vigilance in default HTML generation and cautions against the excessive utilization of contributed modules, emphasizing the need for a balanced reliance on quality modules.

Overall, the article asserts that Drupal's integrated tools and flexibility create an environment conducive to digital sobriety, positioning Drupal developers as pivotal contributors to the environmental sustainability of the web. Read more here.

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