Get Hands on Generative AI at DrupalSouth Community Day with Morpht


Morpht invites Drupal enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of generative AI at the upcoming DrupalSouth Community Day on November 23, 2023. The hands-on workshop on November 16 will provide participants with a firsthand look at the diverse AI integration tools the company has developed.1 The interactive session is led by Murray Woodman, Managing Director of Morpht, and three Morpht engineers. It promises to deliver practical insights into leveraging generative AI systems like ChatGPT and NLP Cloud within the Drupal framework.

During the workshop, attendees will gain access to a demo site guided by experts in building their own AI integrations. The focus is empowering participants to expose these capabilities to site editors through a user-friendly interface. Morpht's initiative aligns with the broader goal of showcasing the potential of generative AI and its seamless integration into Drupal, making it an invaluable experience for the Drupal community.

Learn more here.

  • 1Amber Henry (Project Manager), Morpht, "Morpht at DrupalSouth Community day | Get hands on with generative AI" Published November 16, 2023. URL:

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