Better Search Block: Transforming Drupal Search Boxes with Ease

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The Better Search Block module, developed by 3C Web Services and maintained by Yogesh Pawar, stands out as a user-friendly solution for enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of Drupal search boxes. Users can transform their ordinary search boxes into visually appealing elements with icon animations in just a few clicks. The module's additional features, including configurable search box size and placeholder text, allow administrators to customize the search experience. 

Offering four distinct search box themes—Background Fade, Expand Search Box on Hover, Expand Icon on Hover, and Slide Icon into View on Hover—the module caters to diverse aesthetic preferences. Administrators can easily manage the configuration settings at admin/config/search/better-search.

Created in 2016 and continuously updated by 3C Web Services, the Better Search Block module has gained widespread adoption, with 1,576 sites reported using this solution.

Supported by organizations such as QED42 and Portage CyberTech, the module is a testament to collaborative development efforts. Furthermore, its stability is reinforced by the endorsement of the Drupal Security Team, with the last stable release, version 8.x-1.6, covered by the security advisory policy since its release on September 20, 2021.

Compatible with both Drupal 8 and 9, the Better Search Block module is a reliable choice for administrators seeking to elevate the search functionality on their Drupal websites. Users eagerly anticipate an update for Drupal 10 compatibility, underscoring the module's significance in the Drupal community's toolkit.

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