Drupal Gutenberg 3 is Coming!

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Exciting news for the Drupal community as Drupal Gutenberg 3 is on the horizon, with the beta version already available for testing at gutenberg 3.0.0-beta1. To integrate this update into Drupal 10, users can employ Composer with the command for installation.

composer require 'drupal/gutenberg:^3.0@beta'

The release notes highlight that while there are no known breaking changes in this version, the core library of Gutenberg has made a substantial leap from version 14.1 to 16.7. Consequently, users are encouraged to conduct extensive testing on upgrades.

Notably, there are significant adjustments in the theme configuration, and a forthcoming update to the Gutenberg Starter theme will cover these changes before the stable release.

The module, created by Marco Fernandes, is set to support only Drupal 10, though discussions are ongoing regarding potential support for Drupal 9.5 in the stable release. With a planned stable release in the pipeline, users can anticipate a more extensive changelog detailing new features and improvements.

As of the current beta release, Drupal Gutenberg 3 is poised to offer enhanced functionality and compatibility with Drupal 10, further elevating the content creation experience for Drupal users.

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