Drupal 10.3.0 Upgrade Allows Smoother Bundle Fields Integration in Views

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Drupal Core version 10.3.0 introduces an enhancement by Joachim Noreiko where computed fields, specifically those designated as bundle fields, can now be seamlessly utilized in Views. Previously, attempts to incorporate such fields into a view often resulted in system crashes. Computed fields dynamically generate values through code execution, as opposed to storing them in the database, and bundle fields are specifically associated with unique bundles of an entity type. This improvement enables the declaration of computed bundle fields in a manner similar to stored fields, facilitating smoother integration into Views data.

Notably, computed bundle fields can be displayed in Views but cannot be used as filters, sorts, or arguments due to the absence of corresponding database records for query operations.

This advancement benefits module developers working with Drupal Core, providing a more robust and flexible approach to managing and displaying computed bundle fields within Views.  For more detailed information or updates, developers are encouraged to refer to official Drupal community channels and documentation. For comprehensive information, refer this link.

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