Discover Exciting Drupal Events: December 4th to December 10th

As the year winds down, the Drupal community is gearing up for a week filled with engaging events, discussions, and networking opportunities. From December 4th to December 10th, a series of notable Drupal gatherings are set to unfold, bringing together enthusiasts, developers, and experts. Here's a roundup of the upcoming Drupal events during this week – mark your calendars for a week of knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the vibrant Drupal ecosystem.

Learn about the powerhouse combo of Lagoon+Tugboat

Get ready for an insightful collaboration as, Tugboat, and Lullabot team up for a webinar on December 5, 2023, at 1:00 PM ET. Head of Technology at, Michael Schmid, and Chris Albrecht, Senior Technical Project Manager at Lullabot, will guide participants through the powerful tools of Lagoon and Tugboat, showcasing their combined prowess.

Drupal Brisbane Meetup Dec'23

The Brisbane Drupal Meetup is set to convene on December 6th, 2023, at 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia, starting at 3:30 AEST. The event promises a platform for Drupal enthusiasts to engage in discussions and share insights.

Getting Started with Drupal 10 Theming

Join for an immersive journey into the essential aspects of Drupal 10-theming that’s tailored for Drupal enthusiasts like you! Brace yourself for an experience where you'll not only scratch the surface but delve deep into the nuances of Drupal 10 theming. For more information click here.

DevTernity Online Conference

The DevTernity Conference is the first-ever online conference hosted by DevTernity on December 7-8, 2023 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (GMT+5:30). The conference will bring together leading experts in the field to help developers build fundamental skills that stand the test of time.

Drupal Meetup Tokyo - December 2023

Mark your calendar for December 7, 2023, when Drupal Meetup Tokyo will convene online to provide valuable information and insights in an informative setting. For further information visit here.

December 7th Drupal Happy Hour @ Venn Brewing

The Twin Cities Drupal Happy Hour Meetup is set to take place at Venn Brewing South Minneapolis on December 7th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (America/Chicago). This casual get-together allows local community members to engage in Drupal discussions and more.

Drupal Distributions & Recipes Initiative Update

Discover the latest insights on the Drupal Distributions & Recipes Initiative on December 8, 2023. This event provides updates, live demonstrations, and discussions on the initiative's progress, along with an introduction to existing recipes. Learn how to contribute and shape the future of Drupal. For more information visit here.

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