Greece Spring Sprint 2024: Greek Drupal Community Hosts Development Event

Greece Spring Sprint 2024

The Greek Drupal Community, in collaboration with E-Sepia Web Innovation and Point Blank, is set to host the Greece Spring Sprint 2024 on April 10th, from 15:00 to 19:00, at the E-Sepia HQ located at 161 Irakleiou Ave., Nea Ionia, Athens, and virtually via their Slack channel at #contrib. Announced by organizers Panagiotis Moutspolous and Kostas Kourakis, this event invites both seasoned and novice Drupal developers with Git and PHP experience to contribute to solving issues in core and contributed Drupal modules.

The Spring Sprint aims to enhance networking, collaboration, and the growth of Drupal within the Greek community. Participants are encouraged to have a Drupal 10 (D10) installation on their computers and add their SSH keys to their profiles, with further instructions available for installing DDEV locally. 

For more information or updates, attendees can contact [email protected] or join the #contrib channel on Slack. This initiative is proudly sponsored by E-Sepia Web Innovation, Point Blank, and the Greek Drupal Community, marking a significant effort to strengthen the presence and collaboration among Drupal developers in Greece. For more details, click here.

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