David Weinberger to Unlock AI Secrets at NERD 2024

Exciting news from NERD 2024 as they announce their keynote speaker for March 8, 2024 – the esteemed Dr. David Weinberger. With a wealth of experience exploring how technology influences our worldview, Dr. Weinberger will tackle the intriguing topic of "Knowledge without Understanding: The Light Cast by Our AI Nightmares."

A veteran figure since the 1980s, Dr. Weinberger recently received acclaim for his book "Everyday Chaos" (HBR, 2019), offering a fresh take on the rise and importance of machine learning.

During his four-year stint at Google, Dr. Weinberger collaborated with AI teams, contributing to the creation of the enlightening podcast "Tic-Tac-Toe the Hard Way," unraveling the complexities of machine learning development.

In his final two years at Google, Dr. Weinberger joined an ethics of AI group, creating fictional scenarios that shed light on the moral challenges faced by AI.

NERD 2024 encourages potential speakers to submit session proposals before the deadline on . For additional details, visit the conference website.

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