NERD Summit Keynote Features David Weinberg and Jessica Cobb

Keynote Speakers, NERD Summit 2024
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The NERD Summit 2024 shares more information on its keynote speakers for the much-anticipated event. On Friday, March 8, attendees can look forward to David Weinberger taking the stage with his presentation titled "Knowledge without Understanding: The Light Cast by Our AI Nightmares." Weinberger, a prominent figure in technology discourse since the 1980s, is renowned for his insightful commentary on the effect of technology on our perceptions of the world. His most recent work, the award-winning Everyday Chaos (HBR, 2019), offers a unique perspective on the rise and importance of machine learning.

The following day, Saturday, March 9, will feature Jessica Cobb as the speaker with her presentation titled "The Inventure Mindset: Future-fitness on the Frontier." Cobb, an international emerging technologist and the founder of Mission Control Lab, is set to deliver an engaging address on the "inventure" mindset and its role in fostering future fitness for individuals while also influencing the interconnected pathways between humans, nature, and machines.

Summit attendees can anticipate thought-provoking and insightful presentations from these distinguished speakers, shedding light on crucial topics at the intersection of technology and society. Learn more here.

Additionally, those who wish to sponsor the keynote sessions can find more details here.

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