Mastering Drupal Multi-Site Setups with Lando: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Ritvik Tak offers a detailed walkthrough on configuring a Drupal 8 multi-site environment using Lando, elucidating the step-by-step process and considerations for such setups. The piece delves into the rationale behind opting for a multi-site structure and highlights its pros and cons, aiding users in evaluating its suitability for their projects. 

The guide includes specific instructions on .lando.yml configuration, setting up the main Drupal and multi-sites, necessary file modifications, and essential commands to initiate and manage the multi-site installation. 

The blog post by To The New emphasizes crucial permissions and configurations required for each site, detailing commands like 'lando start,' 'composer install,' 'rebuild,' and 'info' for seamless installation and confirmation of site URLs and database access. The piece concludes by acknowledging the gained insights, emphasizing their significance in establishing robust Drupal sites and ensuring more efficient development experiences.

Title: Multi-Site in Drupal with lando
Author: Ritvik Tak
Dateline: 04 December 2023
Organization: To The New

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