DrupalCon Barcelona 2024: Dates, Location, and Community Engagement

While the initial half of 2024 is dedicated to DrupalCon Portland, the latter half will have DrupalCamp Barcelona to keep Drupal enthusiasts occupied. The  DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 is set to take place from September 24 to 27 at the renowned CCIB (Barcelona International Convention Center). Participants are invited to share their ideas and suggestions for this edition by contacting the organizers directly by message or email at [email protected]. The event promises to deliver an unforgettable Drupal experience in the vibrant city of Barcelona, ensuring accessibility for all Drupal enthusiasts. 

Additionally, the community's focus on fostering local events and DrupalCamps is underscored by the initiative to strengthen the European community and offer free tickets to DrupalCon Barcelona 2024. Furthermore, DrupalCon Barcelona's mascot is poised to visit DrupalCamps and local events, adding an engaging touch to the lead-up for the main event.

More updates about the event will be available here in the upcoming days.

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