Drupal Dev Days Bulgaria 2024: Propose a Session

Drupal Developer Days Burgas 2024

The Drupal Dev Days Burgas 2024 conference has extended a warm invitation to speakers and experts within the Drupal, Symfony & PHP community to showcase their knowledge and expertise from June 26 to 28, 2024. With an emphasis on inclusivity, the conference welcomes both novices and veterans in the field, with proposals being assessed based on a diverse range of criteria beyond just experience. 

The event will feature an array of session tracks encompassing topics such as Backend development, Decoupled & Frontend Development, DevOps & Quality Assurance, Innovation & The future, Project Management & Business, Accessibility, User Experience & Marketing, Clients & Industry Experiences, and Open Web & Community. Proposals can still be submitted until the April 30, 2024 deadline for a chance to become a part of the official Drupal Dev Days schedule.

Sessions are slated to run for approximately 45 minutes, allowing for presentations and interactive Q&A sessions. The selected proposals will be formulated into a schedule revealed shortly after the deadline on the Drupal Dev Days website, offering aspiring speakers a platform to share their expertise with a broad audience. For more details and to submit a proposal, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official event website.  

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