Join Us for the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2024

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Mark your calendars; the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend is back! This exciting event will occur on the 27th and 28th of January, 2024.

The Drupal Global Contribution Weekends are just around the corner. It's a worldwide event where everyone can participate and contribute to the Drupal community. The idea is to participate actively in shaping and improving Drupal. 🛠️

This event takes place annually on the last weekend in January and is an excellent opportunity to get together with like-minded people and work together. Whether you're an experienced developer or a newcomer to the Drupal community, everyone is welcome and can make a valuable contribution. 

So, join us and let's make Drupal even better together!

What is a “Contribution Weekend”?

A Contribution Weekend is a dedicated event to collaborate and contribute to the open-source content management system - Drupal. Developers, designers, content creators, and Drupal enthusiasts gather to work collectively towards enhancing Drupal.

Never Contributed Before? No Problem!

This event is for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned contributor or a first-timer, we'd love to have you. Come along, and let's see what we can achieve together.

How Can I Join?

While registration is not mandatory, it does help with planning. So, if you're interested in participating, please sign up on the event pages.

Here is the link to the global event: Drupal Global Contribution Weekends! 🌏 

As an example, we will give you some insight, into what the Austrian Drupal community will do during these two days happening:

Drupal Austria is joining the global event again, and this time, acolono is hosting and opening its office doors in Vienna for a weekend of collaboration, innovation, and, of course, a bit of fun.

What's on the Agenda?

Saturday, 27th January

  • - 10:00 - Start your day with a hearty breakfast and plenty of espresso to keep your energy levels high.

  • - 10:30 - Let’s sprint/contribute on Drupal-related things. Let’s explore what should/could inspire participants, and let’s do some stuff.

  • - 13:00 - A well-deserved lunch break. We'll either order in or explore the local food scene.

  • -14:00 - Got some energy again. Let’s work together, and don’t forget to add the “ContributionWeekend2024” tag to issues. 

  • - 18:00 - Time to unwind with a “Pizza Baking Session,” featuring homemade dough and our own pizza ovens. Plus, a “Whiskey Tasting Session” to end the day on a high note.

Sunday, 28th January

  • - 10:00 - Another day, another breakfast.

  • - 11:30 - Get things done :)

  • - 13:00 - Hunting for some lunch to refuel for the afternoon.

  • - 14:00 - nearly done. Let’s prepare to commit/finish/document everything.

  • - 17:30 - let’s close our laptops and call it a contribution weekend :)

Besides this, we sprint together on modules, delve into some initiatives, and discuss things worth discussing. Perhaps there is also some space for lightning talks about relevant topics during the event. :)

There is a rough timetable, but what will be done during the days is up to the participants.

This is your chance to be part of something bigger. Join us for the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2024, and let's make a difference together.

If you can’t attend one of the local IRL events, you can still join virtually on those two days!:

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