MautiCon India 2024: Spotlight on Mautic Agile Scalability


Mautic's agile scalability takes centre stage at the upcoming Mautic Conference India 2024, with speakers Nidhi Bhardwaj and Shashank Merothiya. Their session sheds light on the platform's strategies for swift transitions from crawl to run stages. The session emphasizes the importance of designing an optimal shopper experience by understanding a shopper's DNA and facilitating quick evolution through different stages.

Mautic's tech-enabled foundation allows for the dynamic creation of digital assets on the fly, ensuring personalized experiences for users. The spotlight is on Mautic's agile scalability, a key player in propelling seamless crawl-to-run transitions and crafting engaging shopper journeys with well-tested iterative paths. Attendees can anticipate practical insights into leveraging Mautic's capabilities for efficient and effective digital marketing strategies. For further insights into additional sessions at the Mauticon India Conference, visit this link.

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