Piyush Poddar Appointed to Drupal Association Board, Signals New Era of Global Collaboration

In a significant development within the Drupal community, Piyush Poddar has been announced as the newest member of the Drupal Association Board, as confirmed by the Association earlier this week. Poddar, currently leading Sales and Partnerships at Axelerant, brings a comprehensive background in open-source advocacy to the table, highlighted by his foundational work with the Jaipur Drupal User Group and his instrumental role within the Drupal Association of India.

With over 16 years of commitment to Drupal, Poddar is poised to leverage his extensive experience towards guiding the platform through its next growth phase. Reflecting on his appointment, Poddar expressed his enthusiasm for contributing to the community that has been a pivotal part of his professional journey. His goals include enhancing Drupal's business strategy and fostering stronger connections between the global and Indian Drupal communities, especially in revitalizing collaborations diminished by the pandemic.

Poddar's unique blend of skills in sales, customer success management, and community engagement is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the Board. His tenure aims to address the challenges faced by digital agencies and to bolster Drupal's position in the dynamic Martech sector.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Poddar's personal narrative is one of growth and global engagement, having traveled extensively and engaged with diverse cultures. His journey reflects the values at the core of the Drupal community: openness, inclusion, and collaboration.

Poddar's appointment is seen as a testament to Drupal's ongoing commitment to diversity and global perspective, enriching the Board's collective expertise. His influence extends beyond strategic decisions, aiming to enrich the Drupal ecosystem with renewed vigor and strategic insight.

The Drupal Association Board, consisting of members from various sectors of the Drupal community, meets regularly to oversee the strategic direction, financial management, and operational execution of the Association's goals. Poddar joins this team with the promise of contributing to significant advancements in the platform's reach and impact.

The Drupal community and The Drop Times eagerly anticipate the positive changes Poddar will bring to the Association and the broader Drupal ecosystem. His journey from a passionate Drupal advocate to a key figure in the Association's leadership exemplifies the dynamic nature of the Drupal community and its embrace of global collaboration.

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